Stay Tuned in to the Tech Talk You Love Online


Technology radio

We all use technology on an everyday basis, but how much do we really know about how the latest gadgets work and why they are so indispensable to how we complete everyday tasks? When you listen to technology radio, either in the car or online, you can become more informed on the issues that matter to you, from the latest advances in GPS to the possible impact of Google Glass on how we live our lives.

And while your local radio station may have one or two program options if you want to listen to tech radio, there are myriad shows available for streaming on the internet. With programming like the NPR Technology Podcast and Wireless Talk Radio, you can tune in and catch up on the newest talk about tech devices you use everyday and their implications on society as a whole any time you like from the comfort of your own computer. Some online technology radio shows, such as The Tech Guy with Leo Laporte, are also accessible via individual video episodes. No matter which specific topic strikes your fancy or which tech experts you find most reliable, you can find the tech show that best suits your needs.

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