Tired of Not Getting To Hear All of Your Favorite Radio Shows?


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Are you familiar with online radio broadcasting? If not you have been missing out. With this amazing age of internet technology that we live in, we are no longer limited by our location when it comes to radio stations. Even in Florida, you can listen to radio from Alaska, or Australia! As long as you have that internet connection, you can find virtually any radio station streaming over the internet.

  • Radio? On the Computer?
  • Seriously, computer radio shows are common place now. You can find a terrestrial radio station from across the country that plays the music that you want to listen to. You can also find radio that is specific to the internet. You will not be able to find these anywhere on the actual radio airwaves. They are solely produced for, and broadcast over, the internet.

    Anyone can produce anything on the internet without worrying about fees and rules, and it is the case for online radio as well. Those producing these shows do not need to worry about FCC regulations if they are broadcasting it over the internet.

  • How Do I Listen?
  • If you want to listen to an actual radio station, all you need to do is find its website. From there you should find the option to stream its content online. When the player kicks in, you will be listening to the broadcast as if you had the radio on and tuned right to it. If you want to find an internet specific radio station, you would do the same thing, but you just need to find their site. A quick web search for the topic and the phrase “radio station” should net you a solid list of choices to work from.

    Then, if you are interested in a particular radio show, not a whole channel, you are actually in the best of luck. Most radio shows now offer their content in podcast format. Yes, you can still stream it from your computer, but you can also download it to your phone and then listen to it wherever you want, making it the most convenient way to consume your radio content.

  • What Can I Listen To?
  • There is at least a show, if not an entire radio station, for pretty much anything out there now. You can listen to technology radio, or hear the latest scientific news. In one minute you can hear about business and economy radio, and then catch up on the latest sports scores, all thanks to free online radio broadcasting.

That has gotten you intrigued about online radio broadcasting, right? Just think of the freedom you have now! You no longer need to be tethered to that antiquated AM/FM radio with tin foil on the antenna, that you need to hold up in order to get any decent reception. Just turn on your computer for your radio from now on.