Choose from Dependable News Coverage and Lively Debates


Latest science and technology news

Did you know that, every minute, Facebook users share 684,478 posts, pictures, and links, Twitter users submit 100,000 tweets, and individuals and companies all over the world create 571 new websites? There is a lot happening on the web at any given time. That leaves technology aficionados and computer geeks with a lot of understandable questions. Where is the best place to find breaking technology news? What about world technology news? Read on for some of the best sources for the latest updates in technology.

Rely on the Big Guns

News Groups like The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, and BBC are well-known for a reason. Each news site will provide you with accurate and up-to-date information. Favor The Washington Post if you want technology news that is slightly market and business-centered. The New York Times, on the other hand, details world technology news, and digital and computer news on a more personal level. The popular outlet’s feature “Gadgetwise” reviews mobile apps, digital cameras, e-readers, and more.

Keep in mind that these sources are thoroughly researched and fact-checked, and may provide more in-depth information than spur of the moment social media updates. Jason Fry of the Poynter Institute asserts his opinions on the credibility of publications, “We have to tell readers what we’re sure we know and how we know it, acknowledge and assess things that we’re hearing, and provide constant updates and cautions that what we think we know is changing rapidly.”

Choose Social Media for Immediate News

Social media can, however, afford readers and viewers a unique news experience. The number one benefit of perusing social media sites like Twitter and Reddit for news is, in fact, the ability to start a conversation. The government shutdown, for example, continues to spark a number of debates on Twitter. Users can select from left or right trending hashtags, and the opposing political parties continue to try to overtake each other with a greater number of tweets. Reddit, on the other hand, has several subpages or subreddits devoted entirely to technology. The social bookmarking website is set up in a forum-type format, and typically encourages much lengthier discussions.

The amount of web activity, at any given point in time, is insane. Technology and computer nerds can get their fill of the latest news by favoring reliable news groups, such as BBC and The New York Times, and participating in social media discussions.