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Talk radio has its roots in the typical AM and FM formats. However, in 2004, Pew researchers concluded that only about 17% of people regularly listened to talk radio. In 2005, free online radio became an option thanks to affordable technology. More commonly known as podcasts, talk radio shows on a variety of subject matter now reach much larger audiences.

These days, it is easier than ever for a techie to get the the latest tech news on tech radio online. If you build computers, code, manage computer networks, or are just interested as a hobby, then you can listen to tech radio online to satisfy your need for information about the latest iPhones, new tablets from Amazon, or new smart-watches.

Online technology radio comes in two formats, either streaming, or podcast. If you are unable to devote anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes to listening to talk radio on your computer, then you may find the podcast a more convenient format. With podcasts, you can take your talk radio programs on the go, listen in your car, at the gym, or wherever you can spare the attention and have headphones in your ears. Even just puttering around the house and cleaning can be the perfect time to learn about the latest tech trends.

Technology radio shows are more than just time-killers, they are ideal for figuring out what gifts to purchase for your family and friends come special occasions. You may not have time to go to the stores and learn about all of the new and exciting tech, but if you have time on your morning commute to listen to talk radio, then you can get ideas for gifts well in advance of visiting the stores. Without online technology radio you might not realize that the new fitness watch would be absolutely perfect for your sister.

If you have any interest in technology news, or the coolest new gadgets, then online streaming radio or podcasts will really be a great addition to your life. Check your favorite news stations, tech blogs, and podcast lists to home in on talk shows, and never miss out on breaking news, or fun gadget gift ideas again.