China Cyber Attack? Three Updates to Tech News


Radio technology

Why do people listen to tech talk radio? One often cited reason is that it delivers the latest tech news in an engaging, timely format. Unlike magazines or even daily newspapers, radio shows can often access the latest news the minute it becomes available. Unlike a tv show, it is easy to multitask and listen to the radio while driving or working.

Not to mention that a new study shows that people listening to the radio feel about 200% happier and more energetic than those who are not. Did you have time to check out tech talk radio this week? Here were some of the top updates from your favorite stations.

1. China Cyber Attack

Several parts of China went offline this past Sunday because of, according to reports, the largest denial of service attack the system has ever faced. The scope, depth, and motives of the attack, however, remain unclear. It is difficult for experts to gauge the situation because of state censorship policies. CloudFare saw a 32% drop in traffic from Chinese websites, and parts of Europe and America were hit as well.

2. Big Week for Tesla

Tesla Motors has made some big announcements this week. It aced government crash tests for its Model S sedan, announced it was taking Chinese pre orders, and reported that it was opening a second manufacturing facility. Tesla is being billed as the Apple of the auto industry, leading the way with innovative product design. Tech radio says that the California New Car Dealers Association has also issued a report indicating that the Tesla Model S is among the top five luxury sports car models in terms of sales, helping to push up the rising share prices even higher.

3. Nasa Luna Probe Might Uncover Old Mysteries

Astronauts on the Apollo 17 as well as other missions saw a lunar light they described as tall bands of lights that occurred before a sunset or sunrise. On Sept. 6th, NASA will be launching the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer, in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the thin atmosphere of the moon. The probe will orbit the moon, rather than land on the surface. One theory for the light bands is that sunlight charges and levitates dust from moon pits potentially miles into the air.

What updates have you heard about via technology radio shows? Let us know in the comments!