What Are Industrial Automation Solutions?


The automation solutions utilize technology, robotics, programs, or processes to accomplish tasks with the least human involvement. According to the video by RealPars, industrial automation involves the shift from manual processes to automatic methods of doing things by utilizing various industrial automation solutions.
An example of an automation solution is replacing the wall switches with sensors for switching the lights in a room on and off.

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Typically, a person would have to manually press the button to light up a room and switch it off.

A sector that has benefited mainly from industrial automation solutions is the industrial sector. The industries have replaced the human workforce with machinery and robots to handle all industrial processes from start to finish. Industrial automation involves large-scale processes with excellent quality and constant precision.

Industrial automation solutions are beneficial because they facilitate convenience at home and in factories, are energy efficient, result in high production, and ensure consistent and high-quality output. Though at the start, they are cost-effective in the long run considering their high rate of return.