The Top 10 Handicap Scooters


It goes without saying that handicap scooters are needed by many across the country. Check out our video to learn about a few of the top ones.

The Pride Revo 2.0 is made to last it features a USB charging port plus storage space under the seat.

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Next, we have the eFOLDi Lite can climb a 1:5 gradient thanks to the fitted torque motor.
E-Pilot scooters can go as fast as 20km per hour, even in the dark, thanks to the light fixture at the front.
The Relync R1 is an excellent alternative with a foldable design making it an essential travel accessory.
Then there is the Jazzy Zero Turn which can get through tight spaces thanks to a 38-inch turn radius.
The Brio 4 features indigo suspension to help keep all four wheels on the ground regardless of the terrain.
Freerider FR1 has a posh design and baskets on either side for more carrying capacity.
Atto scooters have a drive mode and are fitted with two rear wheels and one front wheel for more straightforward navigation.
The Merits Yoga S542 has the high ground clearance and twin front wheel designs which helps with balance.
Finally, the Quingo Air 2 has five wheels to help achieve tight turns while maintaining stability.
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