How to Select Control Panels for Pumping Waste Water


This short guide selects the best control panels for pumping waste water.
Control panels for pumping waste water are understandably not cheap. However, do not compromise on the cost to avoid buying a substandard product with poor quality features.

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Look into the components of the pump and ensure that they suit your needs.
If you have ideas to expand your control panels, you may consider purchasing an oversized panel. This type is designed to accommodate space for component additions.
Knowing the voltage and motor amperage of your control panels for pumping waste water is essential. This will aid you in matching the amperage of your pump and control panel.
There are multiple control panel options to choose from. You may select a system fitted with an air pump, a single or double submersible pump, or a control panel with a timer. The latter controls the submersible pump and sets dosage for secondary treatment systems.
Check for a warranty in purchasing control panels for pumping waste water. Quality products are backed by long warranty periods.
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