The Top Three Home Security Tips For Your Home


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Are you confident with your current method of home security? There are more than 2.5 million reports of home invasions every year. To avoid being one of them, here are a three tips you can use to protect your home.

Reinforce Your Front Door: Stronger Locks Provide Greater Security.

The following clearly does not apply to sliding glass doors, or those doors with a large inset window, as with the exception of installing bulletproof glass there isn’t much to be done. With that acknowledged, there are a few relatively easy steps you can take to make it more difficult for a burglar to force open a locked door.

First, replace the deadbolt and front plate. One study found that about 34% of burglar’s just enter through the front door, and you don’t want to make it easy for them. The deadbolts that come with most houses are just not very strong, and buying the cheapest option at the hardware store isn’t a solution either. Buy from a respected brand that emphasizes its strength.

Another step in reinforcing your front door (and your back door, if applicable) is to strengthen the strike plate. To do this, remove the current strike plate from the door jamb, and add in a thin strip of steel. The purpose of this is to help support the wood of the door jamb hold should a burglar attempt to kick the door in. Using three inch screws to secure the new plate will also help in creating a strong defense.

The Biggest Deterrent Against a Burglary Is Surveillance Systems.

Here are the numbers on surveillance systems: 90% of burglars avoid a home if it appears that that house has some sort of commercial security system. About 85% of surveyed police officers fully believe that surveillance systems are a deterrent against forcible entry. Home security systems can also be beneficial in saving you some money on your insurance bill, as many insurance providers discount customers with surveillance systems up to 20% off their bill.

Many home security companies will give you a sign to place in the front yard. This clearly advertises that your home is protected, and it works. Burglars don’t want more trouble than necessary.

A Family Dog Always Annoys (Or Frightens) Potential Burglars.

Perhaps the most fun option out of the bunch, having a dog is a big help when thinking about home security. A larger dog can be frightening, however even the barking of a small dog will give a burglar second thoughts before robbing a home. There are two factors at play in this situation: either the burglar is afraid of being bit, and/ or they fear the dog’s barking will alert the neighbors to what they are doing.

Either way, it works out well for you. Now, a dog is a big responsibility. You do not necessarily need to run out to the shelter and pick out a new family companion. However, the fact remains that a dog is good for your home for a number of reasons, not the least of which is your safety.

To recap, home security is a serious concern. To lower your chances of being burgled, reinforce your front door, including the face plate. Install a surveillance system to act as a deterrent, or to catch any suspicious activity. And if nothing else, get a new family friend to keep an eye on your home.