3 Facts About Home Burglaries You MUST Know


In the United States, a burglary is committed every 15 seconds. With this many burglaries occurring, it’s important to know as much as possible about these activities in order to protect your home as best you can. So to help you know more about home burglaries, here are a few important statistics as well as how you can protect your home.

Most burglaries happen during daylight hours
While many people think burglaries happen at night, most actually happen between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. This is believed to be because during the day, most people are at work or school which leaves the house unattended. With an empty house, burglars are less likely to be caught.

Burglars don’t always use forcible entry
It is true that more than half of home invasions involved forcible entry. However, about 30% of burglars get into a home because there was an unlocked door or window. Unfortunately, many people often forget to lock up their house or think they don’t need to because they live in a safe area. This can make a home a target for burglaries, especially with first-floor windows being left open or unlocked.

Most burglaries don’t end in an arrest
Most homeowners who have been robbed want the culprit found and punished. Unfortunately, this is not the common end result. In fact, only 13.6% of burglaries that occurred in 2014 ended in the burglar being arrested. Because of this, it’s important for homeowners to do what they can to protect their homes.

How Can You Protect Your Home?
One of the easiest ways to prevent home burglaries is to install an outdoor wireless security camera system. Not only do outdoor security camera systems allow homeowners to know what’s going on around their homes, outdoor security cameras can actually prevent burglaries from happening in the first place. That’s right, burglars will generally stay away from homes with an outdoor wireless security camera system because they know they have a higher chance of being caught. So with that in mind, it’s important for homeowners to invest in an outdoor wireless security camera system to be able to monitor their home, catch anyone will ill intent on camera, and prevent burglaries from happening in the first place.

As you can see, burglaries are all too common for unprotected homes. But by taking necessary precautions and installing a security camera system, you can have a better chance of deterring those with ill intent away from your home.