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Did you know that hospitals and doctors are often operating with outdated digital technology? While this might be done to save costs, it is actually costing them over eight billion dollars in lost productivity. By not having wifi and using outdated communication methods, among some other technology problems, money is lost as doctors have to often wait almost an hour for information about their patients before they can proceed.

There are a lot of interesting things happening in the technology world right now, and one way to keep up with tech news is to follow tech talk radio. Now that people can access hundreds of radio stations using current technology, it is easy to find a specific tech radio station for you. Technology radio is not for everyone, especially visual learners, but it can be a very appealing option for audio learners who appreciate descriptions and extensive discussion of technology.

One thing radio technology stations have been talking about lately is the government. As it turns out, the White House is planning to add more technology advisors to its team. Although they are not yet intending to create a chief privacy officer post, they are at the moment planning to add a senior advisor to its current technology officer. Some reports, however, have been claiming that Obama has already decided to name Nicole Wong, a current legal director of Twitter, new chief privacy advisor.

A popular conversation has also been about how technology can be used by teachers to help students, or by students to help them focus more and do better in difficult courses. Many public school systems are facing a lot of challenges in terms of supporting their students. Many people advocate for teachers to incorporate technology more into their lesson plans, not only to make things easier for students but also to prepare them better for a world that lives digitally.