Annie Masa

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“Technology? More like… BLECH-nology!” Such was the parting lament of my dear great grandmother on her death bed. She left this earth full of confusion about the nature of technology in our rapidly changing world, and it stained her last days with sorrow. This tragedy touched me to the core, and I immediately quit my day job, left my lover, gave away my pets, and joined the competitive, all-consuming world of technology radio. There can be no greater cause than to educate people like my late great grandmother on the latest technology coming down the pipeline. Without an understanding of technology one is completely lost in today’s world. Technology is everywhere, from the spoon you used to eat your morning ganash to the computer you’re using to read this. With smartphones proliferating in pockets, the internet is now ever-present. It won’t be long before we’re all trans-human cyborgs. Don’t you want to have a basic knowledge of computers before some future neurosurgeon is placing a neural cybernetic implant into your prefrontal cortex? If you answered “yes!” then you have found the right place. On this blog I will discourse verily on technology, radio, and radio about technology. This is useful knowledge and I’m very pleased to share it with you!