The Importance Of Having A Cooling System For Your Servers


Electronic packaging cabinets

It’s important for data centers to stay up to date with their technology and the maintenance of that technology. In fact, a data center is considered out of date if it is more than seven years old and has not been updated. The practical average life for a data center, however, can be up to nine years. This means that through a good server rack and electronic packaging cabinets, information can be stored safely and efficiently for longer.

Along with a server rack, a hot aisle containment system or cold aisle containment is becoming more and more popular. At least 80% of all data centers are at least looking into employing either hot or cold aisle containment. The use of these systems would help to prevent servers overheating, keeping them at the correct temperature as well as reducing energy use overall. A server rack can help to efficiently store servers, though there are different types of data racks and data rack products, so it’s important to choose one that best fits the individual data center’s particular needs, especially when it comes to physical space.

Keeping a server from overheating is important, and aside from a server rack or a hot or cold aisle containment system, it’s important to have an adequate air conditioning system at every data center. In fact, almost 70% of IT equipment failures is due to poor air conditioning as well as poor ventilation. Having the right server rack can also help data centers to save money on air conditioning as well, as the air conditioning costs for an average normal server room can be around $30,000 a year. A significant amount of green house gases are also produced, meaning that it is also not an environmentally friendly option. Fortunately, electronics packaging racks can help to keep servers and other equipment cool, therefore reducing some of the need for air conditioning units and lowering the cost of them, as well as their negative environmental impact. Air conditioning costs are expected to rise by over sixty five percent in coming years as well, but efficient cooling systems can actually help to reduce the cost of air conditioning by over thirty five percent.

No matter how large or small your data center is, it’s important to keep it as updated and energy efficient as possible.