How Hotel Software Can Help You Build Loyal Relationships With Your Guests


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If you own or run a hotel, small, medium, or large, you already know how difficult it can be to foster loyalty with your guests. Oftentimes, people are simply passing through and have found your hotel while looking online for a place to stay. With 53% of travelers finding their lodging using their smartphones these days, one can easily see how things have changed with regard to hotel trends.

Maybe someone was taking a trip through your area for the first time, found your hotel and decided it looked like a good place to bunk down for the night. You were fortunate to get the guest, but you would like nothing better than for that guest to come back another time, even make it a regular visit if possible. But how can you do that? How can you get into the mind of your guest that he or she should come back again and maybe even bring their family and friends? Better yet, wouldn’t it be just perfect if they could refer someone else who might be traveling your way?

Building loyalty with your customers is something everyone who is in business strives to do. After all, without loyal customers, many businesses will not be able to stay in business for very long. The hospitality industry is no exception to this.

You might have people stay at your location who are simply passing through, never to come back your way again, but the fact of the matter is that if someone has a pleasant experience at your hotel and they can find an occasion to come back, they most certainly will. Recent polls have shown that nearly three out of every four travelers plan on returning to a destination they have previously visited.

By using the best hotel software systems like hotel front desk software, you can handle all of the mundane tasks that have to get done while still having the time to tend to the needs of your guests in a more personal way. Guests enjoy being waited on, but they love it when the owner or manager can give them that personal touch.

Hotel front desk software has changed a great deal over the last several years. With guests checking in via their cell phones or booking rooms while on the go, it is the right software that will ingratiate your guests to your hotel. When they have a pleasant, smooth experience, you are well on your way to keeping those guests on your roster.

Research done by CEB found that 96% of customers who were forced to put forth a “high” effort in dealing with a problem were likely to be disloyal customers. When it comes to the hospitality industry where most people are on vacation, guests want to do as little as possible. That’s why they are on vacation!

The kind of hotel front desk software and hotel management systems that let a guest spend more time relaxing and less time dealing with things like standing in line at the front desk waiting to check in or check out can really be the key to maintaining a loyalty with your customers.