The Best Smart Blinds For Your Home


Blinds are the greatest alternative to curtains in your home. They come in different specifications and a vast pool to choose from. You need to scout the market to find the most suitable blinds to suit your home needs and desired esthetics.

Video Source

In a YouTube video, Smart Home 101 discusses the five top best blinds for your home. The video gives the specifications and qualities of each blind and how they work. Here is some information about the best smart blinds for your home.

The Graber Motorized Shade stands out as the best in the list of best smart blinds. You can command the blinds remotely with AI such as Alexa. You can also set an automatic open and shut schedule and operate the blinds cordless. The second best place is taken by the Iken Fyrtur blinds. These are affordable and you can operate them with a smartphone app. You can also use voice commands with Alexa to operate the blinds. The blinds come in different colors so you can choose the color that matches your house’s theme.

In third place is the Lutron Serena Smart Shade which is easy to install and heeds to voice commands, through Alexa. You can also operate these blinds remotely with a prepaid remote. Review all the available brands on the market and settle for one that meets your specifications.