An Illustrated Look at the Rebabbitting of White Metal Bearing


The metalworking industry keeps on growing. It is not only an industry that generates significant revenue. There are a number of activities that comes with metalworks. One is the rebabbitting of white metal bearing. It is crucial to understand how the entire process of rebabbitting of white metal bearing goes on to avoid any potential mistakes, especially when dealing with centrifugal casting white metal.

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The first step is the preparation of the bearing for the lining process. Once that is done, the next exercise is tinning the bearing and preparing it for casting. It is a process that ought to be handled with a lot of care to avoid any potential mistakes.

Next is setting the machine for bearing. It entails selecting the speed and positioning of the insulating gaskets on the faceplates. After that, the bearing is located between the faceplates and clamped at a predetermined pressure. The guard is then closed and locked, after which the pouring spout is moved into position. The white metal material is poured at the correct temperature and flow rate.

In this video, you can learn how the entire process takes place. The instructions are well defined for you to grasp all the activities that go into Babbitt bearing lining. With this knowledge, you can even carry out the entire process by yourself without the intervention of an expert.