Troubleshooting by Printer Services


Repairing a printer is easier than most people imagine, but each has its tricks. Luckily, PartsNow Marketing uploaded a video on their Youtube channel called “PRINTER REPAIR: Solid Color Background On HP CP4525,” where they describe how to fix that particular model that’s so common. Their instructor travels around the country teaching seminars and courses about printer services, so let’s find out more about it!

Printing in Color

A main issue with the CP4525 is that their main configuration prints in black and white, so you have to know how to print a colored page. The instructor explained that they took apart the machine during one of their seminars and put it back together.

Video Source

But when they printed a colored page, it only printed one solid color, such as yellow or magenta.

But you don’t have to despair when that happens. You need to know basic troubleshooting skills. Normally, you check the cartridges, swap them, and if the problem continues that means you have a connection issue. This is when most people will hire printer services, but there are several options to try and resolve this issue because it’s getting a signal to print that page incorrectly.

Watch the rest of the video to get the full fix in detail, and you’ll be printing in color without any more issues!