How to Get That Wiry Mess of 75 HDMI Cables Under Control With Stuff You Already Have Laying Around the House


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Did you know that it’s harder for your brain to work in a messy, cluttered environment? That’s because it’s being bombarded with a variety of visual stimuli which makes it harder to focus on the task at hand. But when most people think of cleaning up a mess inside their home or office, they think of wiping up spilled coffee, cleaning dead leaves and debris out of the gutter, running the vacuum cleaner, or mopping the floors. But don’t forget to get all the cables to your electronics under control! With all the electronic devices people use nowadays and the cables that go with, it’s no wonder your brain can begin to feel a bit wiry!

People rely on a lot of gadgets, digital devices, electronics, gizmos, and tech pieces nowadays. But for as beneficial as all these devices are, they can also be a pain in terms of all the hardware they require. From 75 HDMI cables, to bulk USB cables, to network ethernet cables, to cell phone cables for charging, and other tablet and cell phone accessories, your home or office can easily start to look like an electronic bird’s nest. They good news is that you don’t have to deal with this hot mess! And the better news is that you don’t even have to spend a lot of time or money in order to get it all under control.

The first step in taking charge of this situation is label all the cables you have. This will help you find and identify a 75 HDMI cable when you need one compared to an HDMI DVI cable or vice versa. You won’t have to ever waste time trying to guess which kind of cable does what or goes where when all you have to do is read the label. You don’t even need an official label maker to carry out this task — just use a piece of masking tape and permanent marker! Or, if you really want to get fancy about this project, you can by snazzy stickers that show a picture of the appropriate device the gadget connects to.

Another great way to clean up this wiry mess is to shorten the lengths of long, cumbersome wires such as75 HDMI cable with cable shorteners. Of course, these are available for purchase but why spend money buying one when you can make one that’s just as effective at home with stuff you already have lying around the house? You can repurpose an old credit card, a solder-wick spool, a tape dispenser, a rubber mat, or a even a coin wrapper! The possibilities are endless. Waste not, want not, remember?

Another great way to to get this mess under control is to use all those colorful twisty ties that come with your favorite food items that are packaged in plastic. So when the last slice of bread is gone, use that twisty tie as a way to secure and organize 75 HDMI cables. You can even use them with velcro for a stronger, more secure bond.