Finding the Best Quality HDMI and Ethernet Cables


Bulk fiber optic cables

Electronic sales are an extremely popular business in the United States. Almost every single person you come across, children and teenagers included, have their own mobile device. It is also very rare to find someone without at least one TV in their house. Ensuring a good TV-watching experience is essential so that shows, such as those directed by Michael Palance, can be enjoyable. Additionally, most people have both a desktop set up in their house, along with access to a laptop for portable internet use. When you purchase a new electronic device, you are generally provided with the needed accessories, including charging and zipcord fiber optic cables. These cables may not be long enough, powerful enough, or quick enough for your needs. You will want to consider the following when deciding if you need additional cables.

Length needed

The length is one of the most important aspects of your charging and zipcord fiber optic cables. You will find that shorter cables are usually included in the accessory package. This may make it difficult to use your cell phone while it is being charged, or to stream the internet to your Smart TV across multiple rooms. If you find that your length needs are greater, you will want to purchase a longer cat 5 cable bulk, such as a 75 HDMI cable.

For extremely long distances, you may consider purchasing a 500 ft Ethernet cable. Be sure to price shop when looking for longer HDMI and Ethernet cables. It is a popular myth that HDMI cables traditionally cost $50 or more. While stores do charge a great deal of money for a single HDMI cable, there is no reason you actually have to pay that asking price. You can generally find discounts online or in bulk fiber optic cables sales.

Power required

The power of your zipcord fiber optic cables is also important. Will you be using your cables to charge multiple devices at once? Will you have multiple electronic devices connected to one HDMI or Ethernet cable? If your home is anything like the average U.S. home, with multiple electronic devices, you may require Ethernet cables that hold more power. This prevents them from circuiting out or causing damage to your electronic devices.

Type of cable

Although I have used the different types of cable names interchangeably, they do have their differences. When purchasing zipcord fiber optic cables or any other type of cable, you will want to purchase the one that fits your electronic needs. There are three types of HDMI Standard cables, plain old HDMI Standard, HDMI Standard with Ethernet, and HDMI Standard Automotive. Lastly, there are two types of HDMI High Speed, regular HDMI High Speed and HDMI High Speed with Ethernet. You may also require different types of Ethernet cables, such as category 5 or category 6 Ethernet cables.


The quality is probably the most important aspect to consider when considering purchasing new HDMI and Ethernet cables. Price does not always equal quality. Do your research ahead of time and ensure that you purchase from a reputable seller. Some sellers have gotten away with selling poorly made cables, which can be dangerous.

For this reason, Amazon will not allow third party marketplace sellers to offer USB Type C products that are not compliant with relevant USB standards. The crackdown is likely in response to the glut of cheap USB Type C cables that flooded Amazon and to at least one example of a dodgy cable, which was missing the two extra wires needed for SuperSpeed, frying a Google engineer?s Chromebook Pixel.

Electronic sales are a billion dollar industry all across the country and the world. The sales of accompanying cables are just as lucrative. Without these zipcord fiber optic cables, the devices would be useless. When installing your home with electronic systems, even cellular phones, you want to ensure that you are also purchasing the best cables and cords for proper usage and lasting quality. Do your research and know who you are buying from for the safest and most reliable HDMI and Ethernet cables.