How Different Softwares and Technology Can Make Your Hotel More Appealing


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Do you manage or own a hotel or bed and breakfast? Are you just starting up or perhaps looking to make some improvements in your already up-and-running business? There are so many things to consider when running a business, especially a hotel or a bed and breakfast. From hotel management systems, to bed and breakfast reservation software, to the latest trends in hotel industry technology, it all matters when you are trying to make your business the best it can be to attract new and recurring customers.

Whether you are new to hotel and bed and breakfast management or you are simply looking to upgrade your systems and software, keep reading to learn more about what travelers are looking for when they book overnight stays.

It is important for everyone in the hotel management industry to stay up-to-date on how consumers are researching and booking their hotel stays. Most of the time nowadays, people do not take the time to call up the hotel, ask their questions and book it for their stay. Instead, they are using their mobile devices and their computers to research, compare, and book their overnight stay at your hotel or bed and breakfast.

In fact, when it comes to looking up travel related information, around 53 percent of people now turn to their different cell phones to do initial research. This research is not necessarily quick, and it does not result in hasty decisions. Consumers really take their time when trying to find the best quality hotel, for the best price, in the best location. That is why it can take consumers up to 17 different internet searches before they actually make a final decision and book a hotel.

What is interesting about this consumer base is how they do their research. Most of the time, consumers will start on their mobile devices when searching for different hotels and bed and breakfasts using bed and breakfast reservation software and other technology. Ultimately, a consumer is likely to move to their computer to make the final reservation, though.

So, it is important for you to have the best bed and breakfast reservation software or hotel management system software in place so as to not drive away your consumer base. Additionally, consumers are becoming more interested in reviews, recommendations, cancellation policies and whether or not your hotel offers hotel reservations software so they can book online rather than via the phone or email.

When it comes down to it, consumers want the ability to cancel the hotel if needed without penalty. They do not want to risk booking a hotel somewhere that either will not allow them to cancel at all or only allows cancellations up until a certain date or time before the official date of the stay. Also, consumers are wary about booking at hotels that have any type of cancellation fee. They would prefer a full refund when it comes to cancelling their hotel room for unexpected reasons. Having this type of leniency makes your hotel or bed and breakfast more appealing to more than 40 percent of consumers who stay overnight at hotels.

They also want to make sure other people positively review the hotel or bed and breakfast, whether the review comes from a stranger online or a friend or a family member who stayed there before. It gives them the confidence they need to go ahead and book a room at your business. It also helps them stick to the booking rather than cancelling for another hotel later on down the road. Additionally, it can result in them coming back time and time again to your hotel. They may even write you a positive review online or recommend your hotel or bed and breakfast to another friend or family member which helps grow your consumer base exponentially.

Does your hotel or bed and breakfast consistently update your different systems, technology and software? Do you use bed and breakfast reservation software or hotel reservation software? Let us know in the comments your thoughts on these different types of technology and whether or not they help increase your customer base.