X Reasons You Should Hire A Marketing Agency Today


Lead generation

It’s no secret that there is an incredible power in marketing. When a company markets itself correctly, it can attract several customers, boost revenue, and really make a name for itself. However, many companies fall short when it comes to creating a successful marketing strategy. The good news is that there are marketing teams readily available to help these companies all around the world with boosting sales and gaining attention across social media, the web, print media, and other forms of advertising. Here are three reasons why your company should hire a marketing agency today.

1. Boost your number of monthly visitors
70 percent of companies that have surpassed their revenue goals all have one thing in common: They attract over 10,000 visitors per month. While that might seem like a ridiculously high goal to set for monthly visitors, with the right marketing team, any company can achieve it. 46 percent of people reported that they base their decision about a company’s credibility on its website design. A great marketing team can help create a new landing page for a marketing campaign. In fact, almost half (48 percent) of marketers will do so for each new campaign. The more credibility a company’s site has, the most visitors it will have, and thus more revenue.

2. You can create a better user experience

As previously mentioned, a company’s website has a lot to do with how visitors view the company as a whole. The better looking your site is, the more traffic it will get, and the more users will trust your company and product. Another huge advantage to hiring a marketing team is that it can help you with your company’s mobile design. Most traffic to sites these days comes from mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. 62 percent of companies that had a mobile site for consumers to use saw a jump in sales. 48 percent of people said that going to a mobile site that does not work well translates to them as the company not caring about the user and his or her experience. To make sure your company has a great reputation among mobile users, a marketing team can help with designing a really great mobile site.

3. Thew know the ins and outs of marketing

While your company is filled with people who are dedicated to your product or service, that doesn’t mean that they are aware of the best way to drive visitors to your site and help your company get its name out there. However, a marketing agency will know the ins and outs of search engine marketing, digital marketing, and web design. The agency can also help with exhibits and displays and online marketing. If you don’t have the proper knowledge for creating a successful marketing campaign, a marketing agency can really help. You can give the responsibility of generating visitors to a marketing team to handle while you focus on other aspects of your company that needs attention.

How important to do you think a marketing agency is for your business? Comment below and tell us!