Get the Right Placement Under the Google Map with These 6 Tips


Local search engine optimization

When people use the internet, the vast majority start with a search engine. It has been estimated that at least 93% of people start their internet experiences this way. Google is, by far, the leader in this area. It is said that they have between 65 and 75% of that market share. When you consider the fact that most people never venture beyond the first page of their search engine results, you know how important your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is. A few years ago, Google added a new feature to make it easier for people to find businesses in their area, say SEO company services.

According to Business2Community, 2015 saw a revolution in how people find local businesses. When internet users search for a certain kind of business, say a pizza place, you will get a new option. Nestled in between the Google ads that always appear at the top of the page and the organic results that have been the bulk of Google search results, you will see a local section. Google has added a map of your area, which will have three options that are close to you. Welcome to the world of local SEO, say SEO company services.

Anyone with a local business is going to want to show up on and below that map. If you are the owner of any local business, you need Google to be able to find your actual location. This is where local SEO comes in. Where does this fit into a business’s overall SEO strategy? Getting the local SEO should be the number one priority of the campaign and after that, as always, getting the business listed as high as possible in the organic listings is your other and second priority. It should be noted that at least 75% of all internet users do not spend any time looking at the paid ads so the organic listings remains crucial.

SEO company services recommend the following tips to get the most from your local SEO campaigns:

  1. Content is still king. This has been true for a long time. If you have good and useful content, you will have users not one time visitors to your website. Your content needs to be helpful, well thought out and well written. Some web developers do not think about the grammar, spelling and punctuation that is used on their site but this is a mistake. It has been said most internet users judge a business’s professionalism by the website so get your content right.
  2. Get your NAP right. Your “NAP” is your name, address and phone number. Make sure your website includes this and that it is accurate. You should have your NAP In multiple places on your website. For local businesses, it is crucial that people can find you but also, Google needs to see that you are where you say you are. If they can do that, they will put you on that map.
  3. Put your location in your URL. SEO company services say that when the domain has the city or town where the business is located goes a long way towards increasing the popularity of the site, from an SEO perspective.
  4. If your business is based in more than one city, you need different pages for each. Businesses that have branches in several cities, should make pages for each so that they can all have their city in the domain name. The only exception to that would be if the business has several locations in the suburbs around one city. Then it is not worth the added expense.
  5. Include local keywords. Do some research into the keywords people search for most in your area. If you are in Boston and have a pizza shop, are people looking for “Boston pizza” or just “pizza.” Tailor your local SEO to what you find.
  6. Put your business on the map. Google allows businesses to add themselves to the Google map. Also make sure you have the same address on all of your media. You do not want your Google Plus address to be different from what is on your website.

Local SEO may seem complicated but is not.