Will Technology Decrease Human Employment Possibilities?


Life sciences recruiting services

Will most of the world?s technical and supply chain jobs one day be filled by computers and robots? This has been a concern for many years and resurfaces every time additional significant advances are made with technology. Although some jobs may be replaced by computer systems, not every job will be. Some jobs require more than artificial intelligence. These are the job positions that are expected to expand and to be more in demand than ever.

Supply chain jobs

In most employment and distribution areas, there is a system that increases job productivity. This system has been tested and retested to ensure that no further improvements can be made to improve the productivity of either the machines or the employees completing a job. Supply chain jobs are important because they consistently evaluate these processes, making improvements where they are needed. Supply chain jobs are likely to remain in importance, even if their primary role is to evaluate the functionality of computer programs.

Executive recruiter jobs

There will always be a need for the placement of high end positions. There will also be a need in filling temporary roles that increase labor and effectiveness of supply chains. In 2013, companies reported that 5.9% of their external hires were sourced by search firms. That was almost double the 2012 percentage and the highest number in more than a decade. Executive recruiters are experts in the hiring and human resource fields and play an important role in the successful placement of decision makers of multi million dollar businesses.

Energy management positions

Supply chain jobs may also include energy management positions. The world is attempting to cut down on processes that harm the environment and limit its resources. This will become even more important over the next couple of decades. Although computer programs may have the ability to calculate and accurately measure environment and planet quality levels, they are not very beneficial in suggesting improvements. Field services engineers and other biometrics positions are important in reducing energy uses and in finding alternative ways to produce energy.

Food manufacturing jobs

Food is an obvious crucial part of our world. Many fast food and food supplier companies do currently use plant lines and computer technology to complete small tasks in the food industries. However, most of these computer aided lines also require human employment, as well. People will also remain a necessary part of the decisions for these types of businesses, including the supply chain jobs.

The food industry is expected to grow over the next couple of decades, as healthier and more sustainable types of food are discovered. The largest market for flexible packaging current is food (retail and industrial), accounting for 58% of shipments. Even businesses that do not directly deal with food services will find that the food industry is important to their success. Supply chain jobs will also be one of the largest roles in the food industry market.

Internet and technology improvement industries

Although the internet will surely play a huge role in future employment industries, there will also be an increased demand for the roles that design and implement these programs. A recent survey of senior marketers by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that the highest percentage (51%) of respondents think that, by 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) will have made the biggest technology impact on marketing, edging out real time mobile transactions (50%). These advances can only occur with authentic human intelligence.

There is constant discussion surrounding the likeliness of replacing human employment positions with artificial intelligence. Although this may be a possibility for some positions, it is not likely to occur across all work platforms. As technology increases, the need for supply chain jobs and human intelligence will also increase. Instead of technology replacing jobs, it is more likely that they will simply aid in the job completing and open the door for additional work in improving current industries.