3 Tips For Better Hotel Management


hotel management solutionsIn today’s competitive market, travelers can instantly compare rates and reviews on dozens of travel sites. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make your hotel stand out from the pack for the right reasons. After all, a totally satisfied customer has been proven to contribute 2.6 times more revenue than a customer who is only somewhat satisfied.

Unfortunately, when some hotels get bad reviews, they respond by planting fake reviews instead of focusing on what really matters: customer service. One of the best ways for your hotel to make a positive impact on customers is by making your management strategy more efficient. By utilizing hotel management system software along with proven customer service tactics, you’ll guarantee your establishment will run smoothly and generate customer loyalty and satisfaction.

If you’re looking to improve your hotel management solutions, be sure to follow these three tips:

  1. Learn every job
    In order to have an effective hotel management strategy, you need to check your ego at the door. No job is beneath even the highest level managers. You have to know the day-to-day operations of each and every position within your hotel if you expect to be a skilled manager. You’ll need to work with your front desk staff, maintenance staff, valets, chefs, housekeeping, and any other departments in order to get a handle on what goes into every job. You also need to encourage employees and give them a good reason to consistently exceed expectations. If you want to run a well-oiled machine, you have to know exactly what each part does to keep the whole thing going.
  2. Use hotel reservations software
    These days, the latest hotel technology is a must. Consumers are no longer willing to wait until you open for operations each day to book their stay; they want to reserve their rooms based on their schedule, not yours. If your hotel management solutions don’t include reservation software, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Since many travelers book their stays using mobile phones — and at the very least expect a comprehensive site that allows for online booking — you will be doing your hotel a huge disservice by not utilizing the best hotel management software available. Fortunately, systems like ours make it easy. Amit Patel, General Manager of multiple Vagabond and La Quinta Inn locations, notes that our software “is easy for anybody to figure out whether you’re old or young. Everybody handles it. Everybody who knows how to use a computer can get a hold of it… SkyTouch is so simple… It really spells it out for you.” Clearly, systems like these provide countless benefits.
  3. Plan and market
    You can’t afford to sit back and wait for your hotel to receive bookings. You need to plan marketing events specifically geared towards bringing in new business. You should organize promotional events months in advance; moreover, these events should correlate to regional activities, festivals, or other events that bring a big crowd to the area. Develop relationships with other local businesses and come up with packages that are mutually beneficial to your growth. Figure out what makes you different from other options and market aggressively to your strengths. And, of course, get creative by using social media and rating websites.

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