7 Industries Impacted by Changes in Technology


With technology changing rapidly around us, it’s helpful to periodically do a technology industry analysis to get a feel for the impact of technology in our lives. Technology is embedded in all aspects of our modern lives, from entertainment to healthcare to transportation.

With this technology industry analysis, we’re going to look at some of the ways that technology is changing familiar industries. There may be some integration that you haven’t even noticed. Have no doubt, however, that the world is constantly evolving and that is due in large part to the way technology is changing and improving.

Here’s 7 types of industries that are changing due to the advancement of technology.

1. Entertainment

Entertainment is an industry heavily impacted by technology. You can look at video games for some obvious examples. The ability to play with friends over the internet or download a new game instantly has changed the way people get and play video games. There is even an emerging category of virtual reality video games that are gaining traction.

Often, virtual reality requires heavy hardware that often necessitates a gaming club or shop of some sort. VR cafes are offering players a place to play games they might not have the technology to run at home.

However, a technology industry analysis reveals that even VR is becoming more accessible from home. With game consoles able to run VR, more and more people are playing VR games right in their living rooms rather than having to go to a club or cafe to get access to this technology.

That is not the only type of club that is going virtual. This might come as a surprise, but even entertainment clubs are finding ways to do without the physical storefront these days. Some gentleman’s clubs now offer virtual entertainment via things like Zoom, where patrons can enjoy the show from their living rooms.

Of course, technology isn’t merely doing away with physical locations. Many types of entertainment are still best experienced in person.

For example, indoor recreation is still something people enjoy doing in person and together more often. This might be an indoor skating rink, a climbing gym, or even a shooting range. All of these physical locations are adapting to technology, as a technology industry analysis shows. That’s allowing them to better serve their customers without doing away with their physical locations that are so important.

For example, apps are changing the way people work out even when they’re at the gym. The ability to track their workouts or even compete with other patrons is changing people’s habits.

There’s also more technology in the equipment itself. Stationary bikes can play Netflix while you pedal. Climbing boards can light up to display new and interesting climbing problems. Even indoor shooting ranges are incorporating technology like hit sync to appeal to patrons seeking the latest and greatest.

2. Education

Another arena shown to be changing according to a technology industry analysis is education. This can be a touchy area. Parents rightly take their children’s education very seriously. The goal of technology in this realm has largely been to make education more accessible and smooth out processes.

A technology industry analysis reveals how much technology has moved into classrooms, from smart boards replacing chalkboards to computers and tablets being used by teachers for multimedia presentations.</p.

This is a change happening across the board, for the most part. From public schools to local private schools to higher education, institutions are adapting to and making use of technology to enhance educational outcomes.

There are even e-books available these days. These not only save schools and students a ton of money, but they are easier to carry from class to class, or home for studying. They are also cheaper, sometimes even free, which makes education more widely available to everyone regardless of financial status. The internet is offering more and more educational content for free or for very cheap, which is allowing technology to make education more equitable and accessible.

3. Transportation

Transportation is a huge category and several technological advances have swept through this industry in recent years.

Cars are rapidly changing due to technology. It’s not just the talk about self-driving vehicles, either. Even the individual parts of cars are changing thanks to the influence of technology, forcing dealers and auto parts stores to adapt.

We shouldn’t just look at the flashy features like keyless entry and enhanced GPS, either. There are also technological advances in safety. This includes things like blind-spot monitoring, lane keep assist and automatic braking.

All of these are helping make driving safer. However, cars are not the only type of transportation changing thanks to technology. A technology industry analysis reveals how much airlines are being impacted by changes in technology as well.

Many airports are incorporating more and more technology to make checking in and getting to your flight an easier experience. They’re also including technological advances that can make waiting in an airport less of a boring hassle.

Planes themselves are even seeing changes as they are pushed to be more environmentally friendly. Technology is helping planes themselves use less fuel and run more efficiently. There is even talk of electric planes on the horizon that could dramatically reduce fuel usage.

It isn’t just the commercial planes, either. Private charter planes are advancing, though this is less broadly known and experiences. It has become critical for an airplane charter company to find ways to keep up with the technology its customers expect. This includes things like strong wifi so passengers can stay in contact even while in the air and satellite communications so business can be conducted at any altitude.

4. Printing

Let’s not forget printing while we’re talking about industries. Despite technology making it more and more accessible to read online or on your phone, printing is still vitally important and impacts several other industries.

Even the humble home printer has seen vast improvement, according to a technology industry analysis. It used to be that you had to be on your computer, connect it physically to your printer and even set up drivers to get everything working.

These days, however, mobile and cloud printing are allowing printers to be used from just about anywhere. Mobile printing can even connect a computer to a smartphone, letting you print without ever touching an actual computer.

When it comes to cloud printing, that gives users access to files stored online. This is great for folks who need to share documents that they are printing. As long as both people have access to the same cloud storage, the documents can be printed anywhere.

It’s not just connectivity that has improved, however. Printer products have gotten a major upgrade thanks to technology. You are no longer simply printing documents. Nowadays, 3D printing is becoming more and more accessible to ordinary people, who are using 3D printers right in their homes to create incredible things.

5. Healthcare

Often, dealing with the healthcare system can feel like dealing with extremely antiquated technology. That is beginning to change thanks to advancements in technology, however.

Orthodontics is one area where a technology industry analysis reveals vast improvements in technology. Braces used to be a long and sometimes painful process involving wires and cement. However, newer braces technology is making this experience vastly more comfortable.

That is not the only technology improving patient experiences. We mentioned 3D printing above. It is not just for play. Advancements in technology are allowing doctors to use 3D printing even for things like skin grafts and prosthetic.

It isn’t just the life and death scenarios that technology is assisting, either. For example, the process of getting a hair transplant is advancing thanks to technology. It used to be that it took years to see the final results of a hair transplant, but things like direct hair implantation and robotic hair restoration are streamlining this process.

With robotic hair restoration, doctors use artificial intelligence to find the best hair follicles to harvest and implant. The process is fast and more natural-looking than a lot of other hair transplant technologies.

Our technology industry analysis showed a wide range of impacts of technology on all fields of healthcare. These are just a few to help demonstrate how much technology is improving health-related outcomes for all kinds of different patients.

6. Home Repair

When your home requires some sort of repair, you want it to happen quickly and efficiently. Also, you want it to last for the long term and not just be a short term patch on a lingering problem.

Fortunately, our technology industry analysis showed that technology is improving this industry alongside so many others. Home repair is getting more seamless, faster, and, in some cases, more affordable. Plus, new technologies are adding functionalities to homes that are making them more enjoyable places to live.

One sneaky area technology has improved has been the entire do-it-yourself marketplace. More and more, homeowners want to make repairs on their own rather than having to pay for a technician or contractor. DIY has become a massive trend, thanks in part to how accessible technology has made it.

A big reason for this is simply the existence of the internet and services like YouTube. It is easier than ever to look up detailed, step-by-step guides to do most of the repairs you’ll encounter in the ordinary course of life as a homeowner. These guides are thorough enough that people are following them with success.

Everything from lawn care to plumbing to weatherstripping is easily searchable. With reviews and guides that include pictures, video and step-by-step instructions, technology is enabling homeowners to take matters into their own hands when there is a repair needed.

Of course, that’s not where technology’s impact on our homes has ended. Smart technology, in particular, is revolutionizing the way we experience our homes.

Some of the coolest smart home technology we discovered in our technology industry analysis includes:

  • Robot vacuum cleaners
  • Smart faucets that can adjust temperatures based on the weather
  • Wireless speakers for listening to music and podcasts anywhere
  • Solar powered lights
  • Thermal leak detectors
  • Security technology

This is a shortlist of the kinds of technology we found in our technology industry analysis that has arrived to change our homes. These days, there are even more smart appliances that you can control remotely to always stay connected to things like the thermometer in your home.

7. Gifts and Luxury Goods

So far, this technology industry analysis has mostly focused on goods that are necessary and integral. However, technology also allows of to have fun, and it should. There are many kinds of gifts and luxury goods that are impacted by advancements in technology.

In some cases, this might include the mere act of gift-giving. It can be hard to keep track of every birthday and holiday you’re supposed to buy gifts for. Perhaps that explains why roughly a quarter of Americans don’t buy gifts until the last minute.

Fortunately, technology is here to rescue us from our own forgetfulness. With new apps and technologies to keep track of dates, we can set up reminders for all those important gift-giving occasions to ensure we never wait too long or miss one again.

What about the gifts themselves? Things like Wish Lists online have taken a lot of the stress out of finding the perfect gift for someone by allowing the recipient to create their own personalized list of the types of things that want or need. No more need to stress about what they really want.

This has all been about luxury items we give to someone else. What happens when we want something for ourselves?

Many luxury products have changed in recent years thanks to technology. It wasn’t so long ago that a thing like a vape shop didn’t even really exist. Now, you can browse products online before even stepping in the store and purchase advanced items like vape pens that are loaded with newer technologies.

More Changes in Store

Truly, technology has changed the way we work, play, travel, and relax. It isn’t possible to do a technology industry analysis without noting just how far-reaching the influence of technology is in our lives. Everything from how we get to work to how we do our work to what we eat for dinner has been radically altered by advancements in technology.

The times might be changing, but when it comes to technology, they seem to be changing for the better.