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How Geospatial Data Analysis Can Help Business Planning and Strategy

Location intelligence software

What is location intelligence and why does it matter to business owners and marketers? Demographic reporting is an important part of online marketing, proving accurate and detailed informational about a trade area and consumers. To put it simply, it tells businesses where customers are located and how to find them.

What is location intelligence?
Geospatial analysis relies on integrating new technology across a number of fields, from mobile devices to GPS satellites. GPS satellites circling the earth provide a continuous stream of constantly updated consumer information. There are always at least 24 GPS satellites in orbit, and right now

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Will Technology Decrease Human Employment Possibilities?

Life sciences recruiting services

Will most of the world’s technical jobs one day be filled by computers and robots? This has been a concern for many years and resurfaces every time additional significant advances are made with technology. Although some jobs may be replaced by computer systems, not every job will be. Some jobs require more than artificial intelligence. These are the job positions that are expected to expand and to be more in demand than ever.

Supply chain jobs

In most employment and distribution areas, there is a system that increases job productivity. This system has been tested and retested to ensure that no further improvements can be made to improve the productivity of either the machines or the employees completing a job. Supply chain jobs are important because they consi

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Get the Right Placement Under the Google Map with These 6 Tips

Local search engine optimization

When people use the internet, the vast majority start with a search engine. It has been estimated that at least 93% of people start their internet experiences this way. Google is, by far, the leader in this area. It is said that they have between 65 and 75% of that market share. When you consider the fact that most people never venture beyond the first page of their search engine results, you know how important your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is. A few years ago, Google added a new feature to make it easier for people to find businesses in their area, say SEO company services.

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Finding the Best Quality HDMI and Ethernet Cables

Bulk fiber optic cables

Electronic sales are an extremely popular business in the United States. Almost every single person you come across, children and teenagers included, have their own mobile device. It is also very rare to find someone without at least one TV in their house. Additionally, most people have both a desktop set up in their house, along with access to a laptop for portable internet use. When you purchase a new electronic device, you are generally provided with the needed accessories, including charging and zipcord fiber optic cables. These cables may not be long enough, powerful enough, or quick enough for your needs. You will want to consider the following when deciding i

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