Why is Local Web Internet Marketing Important, and How Can You Improve Yours?


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According to Forbes, there are 50 million small businesses in the United States. Those businesses, ranging from one employee to no more than 500, make up 65% of the jobs growth in the U.S. since 1995. As Bloomberg Business Week writes, small businesses generate over 46% of the American GDP. As can be seen, small businesses are ridiculously important to the success of the Land of the Free.

Having said that, small businesses have a lot less to work with when it comes to maintaining their success. Marketing, one of the most important factors of success in our capitalist society, is limited to five to seven percent of budgets, according to The Houston Chronicle. For a small business, like yours, this may equal less than $10,000 a year. Coca-Cola, for example, is known to spend nearly $3 billion per year on their advertising, according to The Atlantic Journal-Constitution. How can small businesses ever compete with billionaire multinational conglomerates? By focusing on local web internet marketing.

Why is Local Internet Advertising So Important?
According to Search Engine Land, 97% of American consumers use the web to shop locally. Clearly, that means making your business visible on the worldwide web is crucial to web presence and generating local business. Local listing SEO is extremely effective, but it doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. In fact, many of the best ways of improving local online search engine optimization are cheap or completely free.

How Can You Improve Your Local Web Internet Marketing?

  1. Include Your Contact Information
  2. As the Huffington Post suggests, one of the best ways to improve your local web internet marketing is by making sure your contact information is listed on every page. Name, address, phone number, and email address are all important here. The more you include this information, the more it will be cataloged by Google robots. This will make it much easier for local customers to find you on the web.

  3. Use YouTube Effectively
  4. Search Engine Land suggests that all small businesses can greatly improve their web internet marketing by maintaining a YouTube channel. As long as you create useful content, you have a shot at people watching your videos. To optimize each video for online business listings, you’ll want to geo-tag each one, link to your business in the description, and include your contact information. YouTube is a powerful marketing tool, and it’s free!

  5. If You Need Help, Ask for It
  6. If you lack the time, the resources, or the know-how to implement successful local web internet marketing, then don’t be too proud to ask for help. Internet marketing firms specializing in local SEO exist precisely for businesses like yours. Don’t let pride stand in the way of better business.

Local web internet marketing is a potent weapon successful businesses wield in the marketing war. If you’re having trouble getting your name out there, put these three tips to use. Use effective local marketing to set your business up for continued success. Good references here.