If You’re Wondering How to Promote a Product Online, Start Here


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If you’re struggling to market your new product or service and you find yourself wondering how to promote a product, the first thing you need to realize is that you need to be online. According to Internet World Stats, more than 2 billion people use the worldwide web everyday. While many are checking Facebook, reading the news, and playing games, a huge number are using the web to find and buy products like yours. In fact, according to The International Business Times, global eCommerce is expected to grow by 18% in 2013, totaling more than $1 trillion by the end of the year.

As you’ve likely found out the hard way, simply being on the internet isn’t enough. As Focus Science and Technology writes, every webmaster has to compete against 1.37 billion other websites, totaling around 1.2 petabytes of data. With our three tips for learning how to promote a product online, you can greatly improve your competitive edge.

Get Social
According to jeffbullas.com, a website devoted to the concepts of web advertising strategies, using social media is the most important of all website advertising tips. With over 1.5 billion using Twitter and Facebook, according to Statistic Brain, crafting a smart and effective social media strategy is the single best way to garner attention in the modern web-o-sphere. Facebook, in particular, is an exceptionally effective marketing tool, as it allows you to get huge outreach numbers without a six figure marketing budget.

Use Web Video Services
When YouTube was first founded in February 2005, critics called it a fad that couldn’t ever compete with television for viewership. However, according to YouTube, more than six billion hours of video are viewed via the site every month. As Search Engine Watch writes, using YouTube, Vine, and other popular video streaming services is crucial in learning how to promote a product. To be most effective on these websites, you have to build content for your target audience, tag each video with your product’s information, and be able to create new content on a regular basis. This may seem more or less challenging depending on your product, but if you want to be successful on YouTube and on the web, this is a crucial part of the process.

Build an Amazing Website
As any web advertising agency worth its salt can tell you, building a useful, engaging webpage is likely the most important step in learning how to promote a product. Whether you’re advertising through Facebook, YouTube, or other medium, in the end, they will all link back to your website. Building a great website, according to Inc., is about writing smart SEO content, crafting responsive web design to capture the growing mobile market, and building a page that offers exactly what your users want and need. Consider, according to KissMetrics, 51% of mobile users have experienced an unusable website. In those instances, 44% say they will permanently abandon that site and its brand. With smart web design, done in-house or outsourced to independent advertising agencies, you can only attract more consumers.

Learning how to promote a product in the digital age can be tricky. However, by using these tips and utilizing social media, video services, and great web design, you can be well on your way to global recognition. Find out more at this site.