What Do Executive Search Agencies Do?


When senior level positions need to be filled within a company, candidates are discovered by means of an executive search agency. Also known as headhunting, an executive search consultant service is a group specializing in human resources recruiting hired by a company to seek out and recruit candidates for top positions in a particular company. This is not like hunting for entry level positions, where candidates can often be found by means of a job fair or other standard interviewing practices. In those cases, the prospective employee is seeking the company. In the case of an executive search, it is the company that it seeking specific, highly talented individuals.

An executive search agency can be found just about anywhere in the country and around the world, but they are most likely to be based in known tech hubs, particularly Silicon Valley, Seattle, and San Francisco, which are all full of start up companies in need of high level talent for their top positions. By engaging an executive search agency to handle the human resources recruiting process, the company can be freed to focus on other important tasks, like running the company and conducting regular business.

Hiring an executive search agency can be a very expensive process, since these agencies are recruiting top-level candidates for jobs that pay a lot of money. Because the process is so expensive, not all companies can afford it, but those that do definitely have an advantage over their competition. It is definitely worth the cost, since the job of these agencies is to find highly qualified talent. Often, these candidates are already working in highly paid positions, and will need to be offered a lot of money to be lured away to a new position in a different company. Even if they’re being offered a top position, some need convincing to leave the job they have, especially if it also pays well.

In conclusion, an executive search agency is a group that specializes in human resources recruiting by conducting searches for candidates for top executive positions in a company. This is also known as headhunting, and while this is not all that these agencies do, it is one of the things they are best known for. Executive search agencies provide a useful service for corporations.