Failed Hires Can Usually Be Attributed To Poor Hiring Practices Talking To A Career Placement Agency


Finding the right employee is less like casting a net into a rich ocean and more like digging in a haystack for a needle.

You’ve had to deal with employees that proved to be a wrong skills match. You’ve had to deal with employee turnover and constant incompatibility among your more experienced workers. One way or another, it seems like there’s always something waiting to go wrong. While you can’t prevent every issue, there is a way to screen for red flags early. A career placement agency is the resource you need to finally uproot the hidden issues costing you money, time, and reliable employees.

An HR executive search agency doesn’t find employees for you. They give you the digital marketing and screening tools to make sure you’re using every minute to your advantage.

We Live In The Age Of The Job Hopping Generation

It’s not just you. The job market is fluctuating for several reasons, with employee turnover easily sitting at the top of the pile. Back in June of 2015 nearly three million workers voluntarily left their jobs, a 25% increase compared to just two years prior. Employee turnover is so high it’s estimated to cost companies and small businesses a collective $10 billion yearly. According to Gallup’s 2016 poll on the matter, Millennials have now been dubbed the ‘Job Hopping Generation’ — as many as six out of 10 are open to a new position at any given point in time.

Business Hiring Practices Are Notoriously Outdated

Why are so many people leaving their jobs? It doesn’t help that businesses today are attempting to coast by on outdated hiring practices. Lengthy online applications that have workers filling out redundant information alongside their resume is just a waste of time. Interview processes that ask the wrong questions are even more so. A recent survey by Robert Half explored this issue further — across the 1,400 executive surveyed, the most consistent factor that leads to a failed hire is a poor skills match.

Diverse Hires Are Efficient, Long-Term Hires

Far from a bandwagon trend, diverse hires is a factor you should bring up to your career placement agency. McKinsey’s research has been doing the hard work of tracking the benefits of hiring outside the usual pools, coming to some conclusions you’ll no doubt be interested in. Gender-diverse companies, for starters, are 15% more likely to outperform their peers. This includes (but is not limited to) better teamwork, better attentiveness, and an increased likelihood to stay for the long-term. Ethnically-diverse companies are even more so, with a 35% likelihood to outperform.

Worker Happiness Should Be Closely Monitored

Workers that aren’t being accommodated and appreciated are workers that will leave prematurely. Another Gallup poll found some dismal numbers on the matter — a mere two out of 10 workers believe their manager is doing a good job of encouraging them to work their best. All is not lost, however. A career placement agency will not just uproot your outdated hiring practices, but provide you with consultation and resources to improve your company’s inner workings. Over 85% of companies with employee recognition programs today cite an overall increase in worker happiness.

HR Consulting Saves You Time, Money, And Resources

You don’t have to swim through these tides alone. An executive placement agency is your well-rounded resource to tackle all of these seemingly endless problems. HR consulting for startups is all but necessary when you’re navigating these waters for the first time — they can spot any early issues before they become major problems, right alongside walking you through the process of scouting, interviewing, and hiring. You can also talk with human resources about hiring diverse and better representing your customer base. Not unlike an equation, all these numbers will fall into place.

Find the right employees with the right tools. Ask your career placement agency for a heads-up in 2019.