Using Your Manual To Power Window Kit


Did you know that you can convert your manual windows into a power window? Gone are the days when you get tired of constantly rolling down your manual windows when you learn these simple steps to convert your window with a power window kit.

Step 1: The first step is to remove your manual window regulator. Start by detaching all the bolts around the window.

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Move the window regulator to the upper side to gain better access to the bolts from the inside.
Step 2: Look for the passenger side bracket and attach it onto the manual window regulator with the bolts and washers supplied from the kit.
Step 3: Locate the proper adapter piece; when detaching the adapter piece, try to get the tab attached. Locate another blue adapter piece that fits the smaller adapter piece. Slide it over onto the first piece so that the two sections that are missing line up and screw. There’s a pan head machine screw from the power window kit to attach the adapter to the regulator.
Step 4: Mount the power window shown in the manual and use the provided screws to keep it in place.
Step 5: Mount the lower bracket motor to the power window motor using the self-tapping screws provided.
Step 6: Once it’s done, make sure to do a bench test to ensure it is not binding and functioning properly before installing.