Tips on Creating a Digital Marking Startup in 2020: Why Now, and How to Maintain Success


From the old-timey, hand-drawn advertisements from the 1920s to the influencer marketing we use today, ads are a huge part of our lives.

You’re either a small business that benefits from them, or a consumer who bases their purchases off of digital marketing on social media. But did you know that you can make a killing from home by starting your digital marketing startup business plan? If you want a modern career, that allows you to work from a laptop, here’s what you need to know about creating a thriving business

Why Start a Digital Marketing Agency?

You may consider starting a digital marketing agency. Is print advertising dead? Not exactly. But digital marketing is taking over. Ask anyone on the street. Was the last thing they bought recommended to them by Amazon, Instagram ads, or their favorite influencer on Youtube?

Most likely!

But why is this? Well, the average person is glued to their phone and bound to see countless ads in just a few short minutes. Surely, they will see something that can solve an everyday problem throughout this scrolling session.

Not to mention, nowadays, the average consumer is putting more of their trust in influencers. These digital content creators are seen as being more trustworthy than the ads they used to watch on television.

Catered ads on social media are also incredibly successful too. Print ads may not be dead, but you can’t deny the power that is digital marketing either.

Who Should Start a Digital Marketing Agency?

If you have worked with social media for years, odds are that you have a vast understanding of everything that goes into the trade. Starting your digital firm can give you complete control. So if you have just stumbled out of college with a marketing degree, starting your own business will be grueling, but worth it in what feels like such a saturated field.

If you’re an influencer who wants complete control of their brand deals, core message, and brand, this is an excellent way for you to level up in your career as well. Therefore, consider drafting up a digital marketing startup business plan to bring in clients and create a steady company.

How to Start Your Digital Marketing Startup

If you need to know how to start your digital marketing startup business plan from scratch, follow these guidelines for establishing your brand and increasing your outreach.

Develop Your Skills in the Online Vector

Become a jack of all trades if you want to start your own digital business. For example, a digital marketer must be a talented writer, a gifted photographer, and they must also learn the basics of creating a stunning graphic. How else will you hire your staff if you don’t have an eye for style and design?

Additionally, advertising and marketing are highly visual. You need to learn how to draw your target audience in with the right words and photos.

Take a few classes on video editing if you feel this is a department that can use some work. If you wish to start your own company, these are crucial skills to have.

Learn How to Work Independently and Successfully First

Before creating a digital marketing startup business plan, work as an independent contractor before hiring employees to work under your belt. Cold pitch to affordable insurance companies, or other brands associated with your niche.

Working alone also helps build your work ethic, since no one is forcing you to turn work in on time. Therefore, this freelancing lifestyle will help nurture your ‘boss’ mentality.

Learn How to Find Clients

Learn how to find clients on your own first. As previously stated, try cold pitching small businesses in your town. Offer your advertising services at an affordable rate, and build up your arsenal. Deliver consistency and quality work, so that when you’re ready to charge more under your LLC, they’ll be too terrified to let you go!

You can also find clients via Twitter.

Another way you can get in touch with brands is by checking digital marketing job boards. Every day, hundreds of brands post listings that they need someone to manage their content. Thankfully, this is where you come in.

If you’re new to the freelancing and digital creation world, it will take some time to land your first client. But don’t get discouraged. Simply follow through with your digital marketing startup business plan, and everything should fall into place.

Become Fluent in Every Social Media Platform

Digital marketing and social media go hand in hand. Therefore, if you want to thrive in this business field, become fluent on every social media platform — from Instagram to Facebook.

Create a Legally Binding Contract

Every freelancer and small business owner should protect themselves from scammers. Creating a legally binding contract is one great way to do so.

Find a Letter of Agreement template online when first starting out. This is a simple contract, but it will outline your services, the due date, and the negotiated rate. When moving away from the freelance world, and starting your LLC, you’ll want to start working with a lawyer to create higher quality contracts for your marketing clients.

Creating Your Brand

As previously stated, you should work alone before bringing on a team of people to work under you. The reason being is that people learn best from their failures. You will learn so much about creating a brand from scratch.

Creating Your Business Model

After working alone for so long, you’ll soon realize something. You’re too busy to be taking on so many clients! This is great news, as it’s time for you to create your team. You also want to start thinking about your business model. How will you pay your employees? Will they make a salary, make a commission, or be paid by the hour — and how much?

Will you hire interns? What kind of qualifications should your employees have? And where will you rent out an office space for your team?

Create a Stimulating Environment For Your Employees

Once you’re ready to bring employees on and start building your team, make sure your office space is comfortable and inspiring. If it feels stuffy, look into air conditioning installation. Also, ensure that there is plenty of natural light so that your employees feel awakened when churning out content for your clients.

Make Communication Amongst Clients and Employees a Breeze

One of the biggest benefits of starting a digital marketing startup business plan is that you can have clients from all across the globe. However, make sure communication between the client and you, the digital marketer, is seamless. Look into a business digital phone system installation so that you can easily connect with brands all over the world.

Get Insurance for Your Employees

The next step in creating your digital marketing startup business plan? Purchase an insurance plan for your employees. You may not be able to offer an insurance policy right away, but this is something you need to look into eventually if you want to be a better boss.

How to Start

Talk to a business insurance agent in your area if you want to offer your employees a plan. Not only will this keep your employees healthy, but it will also keep them happy and entrusting in you.

Never Stop Learning

Remember that insurance company you used to market for at the beginning of your journey? You’ve come a long way since then. Stop and admire all that you have learned throughout your journey. Forming a digital marketing startup business plan on your own is no easy task. While you should enjoy the fruits of your labor, this is not to say that you should remain stagnant. Challenge yourself and continue learning. Attend business coaching conferences so you can be a better boss and a better marketer for small businesses everywhere.

Invest in Good Tech

Don’t start an online business if you’re unwilling to invest in good tech. Adequate cloud storage is necessary. For example, if you’re working on a piece for a small business in the area, and then want an intern to hop on the project, you’ll need to have it in the cloud to do so.

Things You Want to Avoid When Starting Your Digital Marketing Business

You will make mistakes when starting your online business. However, they will help you become a better and smarter entrepreneur. If you want to bypass some of the most common, avoid these key mistakes when starting.

Having Unclear Goals About Your Branding

Muddling your goals can confuse your followers and consumers. If you’re unable to create a unique and distinguishable brand, how are brands going to trust you with theirs?

Letting Uncertainly Cloud Your Judgment

This happens to everyone, but don’t get in the way of your progress when creating your digital marketing startup business plan! It can be easy to wait for the right moment to begin your business. But you must be active and not passive, or you risk becoming stagnant. For example, you may feel like your digital marketing website doesn’t have the right layout yet. Perhaps you chose the wrong colors or have selected the wrong Instagram handle.

These decisions don’t have to be set in stone. Go get some experience under your belt!

Failing to Create a Target Audience

Who are you marketing to? Trendy hipsters, or moms-on-the-go? Failing to establish this can kill your digital marketing business before it’s even off the ground! This should be one of the most important parts of your digital marketing startup business plan.

Learn the Consequences of Burnout

Every online entrepreneur must learn how to manage their work/life balance. If you don’t, you could risk burning yourself out. Take adequate breaks when you’re creating your firm. Every little thing may seem urgent at the time but space your work out so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Symptoms of burnout can include

  • emotional exhaustion
  • physical symptoms like headaches
  • reduced performance

Once you reach this tipping point, you may lose the love you had for your digital marketing startup business plan and content creation.


Starting a business is never easy. Some people believe that an online business is nowhere near as taxing as a physical business. However, the reality is, it possesses its own set of challenges. But the internet isn’t going anywhere!

Digital marketing is changing the way consumers buy things. It’s also paving a new way for small businesses everywhere. It’s not too late to make your mark in the digital world. If you’re struggling with your startup, or wish to start your own, follow these tips to start your firm. As long as you’re following your passion and working with worthwhile businesses that make a difference, like a commercial air conditioning company, you will feel accomplished and passionate about your work.

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