The Trade Show Is Not Obsolete Appealing To Customers With Large Format Printing Services


Marketing is everywhere we look. It’s so common, in fact, we can start to underestimate its power.

Take a few seconds to look back and think about all the advertisements that left an impact on you during the week. Was there a billboard that caught your eye or a sign you thought was pretty? Do you find yourself wondering about that new restaurant downtown or trying to figure out if an online advertisement is legitimate? This is the foundation that will bolster your next project and put you in a better spot to practically print your own success. From a trade show booth to raising awareness, the large format printing you use will make a huge difference.

Psychology, personal appeal, and location are just a few of the ingredients thrown into this proverbial pot. It’s time to talk shop.

The Sheer Volume Of Advertisements Today

Putting things in perspective can give more direction to your large format printing efforts. Marketing is the only way customers can truly find you, outside of word-of-mouth (which can be as unreliable as it is powerful). A recent study determined half of all customers enter a business because of its signage alone. More specifically, customers who live within a five mile radius of a business will see a single sign 50 to 60 times. Overall, it’s estimated over 30,000 SKUs are released every single year.

Psychology Behind Color Printing Services

It’s not enough to do everything ‘right’. You need to have a deeper understanding of what draws customers to your brand. Color in marketing intentionally reaches into the minds of customers and encourages positive thoughts, whether it’s pastel colors relaxing one person or bright colors alerting another to a new possibility. This extends to brochure printing, business card printing, and just about any other printing you can imagine. As many as 35% of customers will find out about a local business from seeing a sign in passing.

Digital Versus Printed Marketing Tactics

You might be thinking digital advertising is superior to any form of traditional advertising tactic. In reality, both are simply too different to feasibly use one over the other. Your trade show booth or small business will still benefit mightily from large format printing services. The value of on-site signage is the equivalent of 24 full-page newspaper advertisements within an average year. More specifically, a single on-site sign costs just two cents for every thousand views, compared to the nearly three dollars for a 300 line newspaper ad.

Bolstering Your Trade Show Exhibit

Using full color printing, bold letters, and smart placement is the best way to ensure your exhibit is never passed over. Today the average company allocates around 30% of its total marketing budget to events and exhibits. A major reason why this is can be traced to the simple pleasure customers gain from meet-and-greet conventions. Standard and linear booths are also known as inline booths, generally arranged in a straight line so exhibiting neighbors are on either side of them. This leaves just the front exposed for attendees to browse and talk at their leisure.

Choosing The Best Oversized Printing Process

Which large format printing suits you best depends on a few factors. Are you creating a business sign to hang in the window of your shop or do you need poster printing to bring out the best in your trade show exhibit? This should be determined alongside an appealing color scheme and catchy slogan to capture the imaginations of passerbys. A recent study found nearly half of all exhibitors stating they value the ability to meet with a variety of people face-to-face. Another study found a little over 80% of trade show display attendees having buying authority, as well.

Make the most of it with printing equipment that brings out your hidden potential.