The Importance of Meetings for Today’s Organization


Within the United States, there are about 11 million meetings held in work places every day. Your typical employee has roughly 62 meetings to attend in some capacity each month. That is about 37% of a workers time that is spent attending meetings, according to The National Statistics Council. When so many workers admit to doing more than just listening during these meetings, couldn’t it be beneficial to not only your workers, but your businesses as well if Cisco Unified Communications were there to support your business and expand the abilities of what your workers do every day? With Cisco UC this can be something that you accomplish.

Cisco UC could be the meeting solutions to all of your meeting problems. InformationWeek recently did research regarding UC and found that 63% of businesses have used Cisco UC to improve their employee collaboration. This means that many meetings and businesses have begun to jive together and find their correct tracks due to Cisco UC.

What is Cisco UC?

Unified communications is software solutions that provide cisco provisioning and make your entire team able to communicate. With a chatbot for your site, you are able to interact with your entire team even when the team is not all in the same room. Rather than worrying about if everyone is catching up with the information that may have been provided and lost in recent meetings, using cisco provisioning there is always constant contact for your entire team.

How can one program improve a business?

This program allows an entire company to stay connected without the hassle that comes along with everyone being in the same room and taking notes. With this program the easy access to all of the pivotal information that is provided is always easy to locate and easy to transfer among colleagues. Doesn’t it sound better than worrying about who is getting all of their information through word of mouth?

Isn’t video conferencing effective?

While video conferencing may be a solution to many of our problems, it also costs a work team more time than they may have to spare. Consider this, your team is supposed to have a ten minuet meeting, someone’s chat will not allow them to enter into the conversation. For a six-minuet problem, this could cost you and your team more than an hour of work to straighten out and get back on track. In business time is money, and wasting time trying to get your whole team back on track can be one of the biggest frustrations there is when your turnarounds are short and your business is important.

Cisco UC could be the answer you’ve been waiting for to making your business more productive. If you and your creative team have issues with meetings and getting everyone organized enough to get those projects done, than perhaps having a space and program that can take care of so many of your issues for you would be beneficial to making your business run smoothly. Consider Cisco UC today and stop living in a world without the highest technology, it is only your business that you’re holding back.