The Industrial Technology Used by Directional Drilling Companies


This video shows how directional drilling companies use various industrial technologies to accomplish their desired outcomes. The most important technology is the drill bit. Drill bits drill through a wide range of soils and rock types.

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They can create holes in concrete, steel, and other metals.

Drill bits come in different sizes and shapes. They consist of two main components – a sharp tip called the cutting edge, and a hollow body called the shank. The cutting edge contains high-quality steel that stays sharp at high temperatures. The shank has thermoplastic solid materials such as polyethylene.
The shank contains an internal system that directs the drill bit in the right direction when it is rotated by hand or powered by a motorized mechanism such as an electric drill. This system includes an internal gearing system, which means that each gear rotation causes another process for the drill bit to continue rotating in one direction.

Directional drilling companies use various materials to create cones and flutes, including high-speed steel alloys, stainless steel, titanium, and cobalt alloys. In addition, some directional drilling companies use ceramics or quartz as part of their construction process.