How to Add Modern Technology to Any Old Car


If you plan on putting repairable salvage cars for sale, a great way to upgrade their utility and value is to add modern tech gadgets to them. The YouTube video “3 Ways to Tech Out Your Old Car” points out three gadgets you can add to your old car.

A head-up display is one of the best modern gadgets you can add to an old car. This feature is obtainable in many modern cars and places important road information the driver should know about in front.

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Old cars can retrofit this attribute using kits that are plugged in the cigarette lighter and that reflect in the windshield.

Backup cameras are another retrofitting option for old car owners. They are often connected to the backup indicator, so they only power up when the car engine is in reverse. They act as eyes in the back for the driver.

Lastly, you could opt for collision and lane departure systems. This feature detects when your car strays from its lane or when you try to change lanes without a turn light. An alarm is triggered when any of these occur, helping the driver to make instant corrections and prevent automobile accidents from occurring.