The C19 C20 Power Cord and Its Purposes


In the YouTube video below, you’ll see many different C19 C20 power cord options. But what is their purpose?

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Like any power cord, each connector has two parts that are labeled with numbers. The female connector is always an odd number, like C19, while the male connector is always the next even number, like C20.

The C19 to C20 power cord is a heavy-duty extension cable. It connects high-output devices using C19/C20 power connectors. The C19 C20 power cord is recommended for powering servers and routers. It can also power various high-output network devices!

Its six-foot length allows for much flexibility in placing devices in relationship to alternating current outlets. Its thick gauge manages the high power levels required for larger equipment. Thankfully, this power cord type is ideal for powering larger connections.

With so many high-power applications in today’s industrial and commercial world, the C19 connector is increasingly being used more commonly with servers and power distribution units. Because of this, there are many places you can purchase C19 C20 power cords. They are also internationally designed so that they can be used in a variety of countries with the same connector standards. Get your own C19 C20 power cord for your business today!