How LiDAR Technology Helps Land Surveyors


One of the primary ways that LiDAR technology is used today is in land surveying. This process, called LiDAR surveying, allows land surveyors to get an accurate topographical picture of the land they’re examining. LiDAR has helped reach leaps and bounds in this field. Here’s what you need to know.

LiDAR surveying works in a very specific way. The method that most land surveyors use requires a drone.

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This drone will be equipped with LiDAR technology that can create visuals of the land below, even through dense areas of forest. The drone is a relatively quiet, non-disruptive way to get the lay of the land. In addition, drone technology has advanced rapidly without increasing prices. This makes drone surveying a more cost-effective way to survey land, as well.

LiDAR technology has allowed land surveyors to accurately and safely survey land for construction projects, conservation efforts, and so much more. As this technology evolves, it’s possible that we’ll be able to gather even more accurate land information in the future, as well.