Surveillance Systems Explained


In this video, you will learn about a mobile surveillance tower. Skywatch is a manned portable surveillance system. All units come with AC or heat. It also comes with a generator.

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It is able to keep up all of this with five straight days without having to change the fuel. The fact that one of the brilliant things is that the windows are tinted. This keeps you cool on a hot day. This is also a great deterrent because you can’t see in it. There is a wind speed meter that gives the temperature and the wind. The generator is capable of high electricity. There are floodlights on all four sides. All units are also equipped with extra electrical plugins. Short power gives you electrical plug-ins. In terms of other options, there is a table that is good for surveillance. There are other cameras with the capability of having infrared and daytime cover. PEople in the day might be in the shadows. The infrared light shows these people. Another option is DVR for the purpose of recording acitivty.