Data Governance Explained


In this video, you will learn about the business of governance. Data governance is more than just data organization. It involves implementing policies, security, and procedures.

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It is crucial for businesses that are making data decisions to consider data governance. How you control your data is important. This is going to keep a lot of tension and stress off you in a business standpoint. This should be used for business operations, optimize operations, and create new products and services. Data governance tends to break down into a few departments. Proper data governance ensures that all data is taken care of properly. This includes that all customer’s names are listed the same. Ensuring that data is used properly is important for a lot of reasons. Data stewardship, data quality, master data management, and data governance uses cases. There is a lot to know about this. From a business standpoint, this can mean that you can save time and money. Keep watching this video for more information.