Reasons Why People Still Wear Watches


In modern times, watches have been forgotten by most of us. They have been replaced with smart phones which so easily fit into our hands in between our fingers. They effortlessly slide into our pockets. These ingenious devices automatically sync up and never have to be calibrated for the time. Not to mention, they do so much else from allowing us to talk to someone on the other side of the world or learn about the newest cooking recipes.

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Even so, some people still choose to wear watches. In this video, you will learn why.

Sometimes, watches are more than the sum of their function. Sometimes watches have a story behind them. For example, maybe your significant other bought you a breathtaking anniversary watch. You don’t necessarily choose to wear this watch because it tell you the time. You wear this watch because of who gave it to you and how much that person means to you. Likewise, many watches have their own stories to tell. Some have been passed down from generations to generations. There are often fond memories attached to these watches of the person that passed them down. Watches aren’t always watches, they are often so much more.