Myth v Fact Regarding Popular Cables


Usb 3 cable

HDMI cables are an essential purchase if you want to have a great video and sound experience. That said, there are a lot of myths out there surrounding the facts about HDMI cables. The same could be said regarding Cat5 cables, which have many applications whether you’re at home or in an office.

Here?s a few key points you?re going to want to know.

Myth: High Priced HDMI Highspeed Cables are Better

If you?re getting brand new gear — like an HDTV and a new Blu-ray player — it can be easy to get talked into a $150 expensive HDMI cable. The better the cable, the better the image quality — or so the logic goes. In reality, it doesn?t quite work out this way. Your HDTV doesn?t know the difference between the cables, and neither will you. The reason people often misunderstand this is because with old cables, this was important. As signals traveled they were sensitive to disruption, and a better cable meant a better journey from device to device. Highspeed HDMI cables, though, don?t have this same issues. Since information is transmitted through ones and zeros, transmitted data simply isn?t as sensitive.

Myth: An HDMI Cable is Required for High-Definition Signals

An HDMI cable is pretty much a digital version of an RGB analog video. The signal is carried on four shielded twisted pairs, similar to a Cat5 cable. Analog component video and RGB both actually support high-definition resolutions. Are they as common to use? No; overall, an HDMI cable is the easiest way to connect two devices, and in the future, many devices are likely going to be made with exclusively HDMI cables in mind.

Myth: Cat5e Cable Bulk are All the Same

Cat5 cables essentially come in two varieties: stranded and solid. Solid Cat5 cables are intended for longer length runs, such as office buildings. Stranded, meanwhile, are better suited for short distances since they are more pliable. Keep this in mind if you are purchasing cat5e cable bulk.

It’s easy to get confused about cables — especially when there’s so much information out there. Do your research so that you get the right cable for what you need, and at the right price. Find more on this topic here.