MDM Helps Businesses Control Mobile Devices Easily


Device management

Juniper Research reports that the amount of smartphones and tablets owned by employees used in the workplace will reach 350 million by 2014, compared to almost 150 million this year. MDM is also known as mobile device management, a software as a service that is designed to support mobile tools like smartphones, tablets and mobile POS devices. MDM tools have clear value when it comes to security, especially in BYOD models where mobile device management software can erase important data from a phone immediately. Look for the right MDM tools by considering the specific needs of your business.

You should ensure that you find mobile device management systems that are appropriate for your phones. More than 250 million smartphones around the world are powered by Android. If you need mobile management for this type of phone, look for tools designed to work with the Android platform. Finding compatible device management software is an important step when you are trying to pick the right management tools.

A workplace that has a BYOD model can improve employee productivity up to 20 percent . Make sure that your business invests in management tools so that you can take advantage of the great convenience of mobile devices without having to stress over whether or not they are secure. The right management software will help your company get the most out of the investments that it makes into technology so that your BYOD model can be successful and staff members can get more things accomplished each day.
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