High Performance Seals Manufactured to Withstand Extremes


High temperature oil seals

Manufacturing environments that require equipment application in extreme conditions such as extremely high and or low temperatures, high pressure or high speed environments, or applications that require contact with hazardous or corrosive materials, require high performance seals or hpht seals.

In critical manufacturing environments as described above, high performance seals, such as high pressure seals, high temperature seals, gaskets, and rubber o rings are advantageous on projects dealing with potentially hazardous and corrosive materials and or conditions. High temperature oil seals and other high temperature seals that are manufactured to withstand extreme cold, heat, and pressure, offer a durable and reliable product solution. It is recommended that high temperature seals and high pressure seals can endure temperatures up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures as large as 2000 pounds per square inch. The latter is extremely important in subaqueous environments, as is the case with underwater drilling.

Peek seals, which are made of polyetheretherketone, have a long, durable life, are also resistant to heat and water degradation, and are ideal use in pumps, compressors, and vacuums. Similarly, spring energized seals are designed for use in applications that experience a wide range of temperatures, intense speed, and potentially corrosive materials.