IT Hardware Vs. Software


Computers and smartphones have become an ever-present part of modern life. Chances are, if you use one or both of these devices, you’re familiar with the terms hardware and software. The YouTube video “Computer Science Basics: Hardware and Software” takes a look into the two major building blocks of smart gadgets and computers.

IT hardware refers to the physical components of a computer or smartphone device. It includes essential computer parts such as the mouse, keyboard, monitor, and microchips.

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Conversely, software refers to programs installed on computers and smart devices that tell the hardware what to do. Examples of software include photo editors, video games, web browsers, and operating systems.

Hardware and software are inextricably linked to one another while being different. Software cannot function without a hardware platform; on the other hand, hardware will be useless without installed software. The combination of hardware and software is what makes smartphones and computers function effectively.

Technology keeps evolving at a fast pace every day due to the amazing developments brought about by scientists and technologists, but chances are, no matter how much development occurs in the future, hardware and software will remain the basic building blocks for computer technology.