Hospitality Technology Trends To Help Your Business


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Do you own a business in the hotel industry? If so, then you know the importance of connecting with customers in a way that will bring them back to your establishment again. Although sometimes it may seem like great customer service is common sense, it can be difficult for some to understand. The good news for you as a business owner is that there are other ways to connect with customers past the typical customer service procedures. Below are just a few of those ways:

1. Upgrading Your Technology – One of the hottest hospitality technology trends right now is using technology to connect with customers and make their experience with your organization easier. Consider this: over 50% of travelers use their mobile device to find information and typically conduct around 20 research sessions before they decide to book a location. What that means for you, the business owner, is that in order to connect with those travelers you need to be visible and easily accessible to the online population. Is your mobile website user friendly? Do you have high reviews on commonly used travel booking sites? These are all things that hospitality technology trends are seeing as being crucial to relating to your customer.

2. Client Loyalty Programs – Another way to connect with customer is to build loyalty. Studies show that building loyalty with just 5 percent more customers can lead to an increased profit of anywhere from 25-100 percent per customer. Why is this? Because customers like to be treated well and will continue to pay to stay at hotels that provide them with a quality experience. Many businesses within the hospitality industry are creating client loyalty programs that do a great job of rewarding repeat customers.

3. Employee Engagement – Another way for you to increase your customer retention is to make sure you have a happy and engaged workforce. Studies show that employees are happier at organizations where there is some form of employee recognition program that calls them out for the hard work that they are doing. This type of a program does not have to include bonuses or even a huge show of recognition. It can be as small as an e-mail each week or even a quarterly employee get together after work.

The hospitality industry is an important one for our country. With all the traveling the people do every year it’s crucial that they are able to have positive experiences at hotels, bed and breakfasts, and inns across the nation. If you are trying to make your establishment stand out among the rest, try using one of the popular hospitality technology trends, build client loyalty, and increase employee engagement. You might be surprised at how great the results really are!