Hospitality Software Solutions From Bed-and-Breakfast Reservation Software and Other Property Management Solutions



Is your Bed-and-Breakfast or hotel experiencing a significant no-show rate? Given that the average daily no-show rate is 10%, your establishment may have a serious issue if it exceeds this amount.

More and more travelers are choosing to use their mobile devices to locate information. In fact, travel-category queries have recently increased over 50%. Prior to making their final travel arrangements, many individuals will conduct an average of 17 research sessions. Even though they may conduct a significant amount of research on their mobile devices, 46% of travelers will use a different device to conduct their final booking. This may include booking online via their laptop or desktop computer as well as their cell phone.

In addition to having a well-designed website, hotels and bed-and-breakfasts should also make sure that their website is mobile-friendly. In order to provide excellent service and a positive customer experience, the hospitality industry can benefit from having the best hotel management system software. This includes bed and breakfast reservation software and other types of business management systems.

When existing and potential customers experience issues when interacting with a business, CEB research found that 96% of these individuals will become disloyal customers when they need to expend “high” effort to resolve an issue. Furthermore, Harris Interactive/RightNow found that 86% of consumers in 2011 stopped giving a company their business due to having an unpleasant customer experience.

The bottom line is that these individuals will share their experience with friends and family. It also means they may compose and post negative online reviews and make frequent calls to complain to management and staff.

Since it’s important to focus on positive solutions, customer loyalty can be created and maintained with a well-trained and dedicated concierge staff. Furthermore, when guests have a positive customer service experience, they are more likely to extend their loyalty. It’s been shown that when an establishment builds loyalty with just 5% more customers, this can lead to increased profits. The average profit increase is generally between 25% and 100% for each customer.

When planning to stay at a bed-and-breakfast establishment, for example, travelers will make note of the following items prior to making a final decision:

  • Consumer reviews: 50%
  • Photos: 47%
  • Friends’ recommendations: 46%
  • Flexible cancellation policy: 43%
  • Ability to book online: 43%

Travelers that have a positive experience will usually return again and again. In fact, recent surveys show that almost 3 out of 4 travelers will return to where they have previously visited. Chances are that they will also invite friends and family along and post positive reviews.

Whether you need bed and breakfast reservation software, hotel management software, or another type of property management software system, it’s important to maintain awareness of the latest trends. Bed and breakfast reservation software alone may be the best possible solution for your business. I