Enhance Customer Loyalty With the Latest in Property Management System Hotel Software


Benefits of property management systems

Loyal customers return to businesses where they have had a positive customer experience. In addition to retail establishments and restaurants, this includes destinations such as hotels. While many people travel for business, others travel for leisure or a combination of both. Whatever reason people have for traveling, they want the booking and registration process to be stress-free and simple. They also want to have an enjoyable time and be treated as a valued customer.

Booking Travel Arrangements

Were you aware that travelers tend to conduct quite a few research sessions prior to booking a hotel? Recent data suggests that this amounts to 17 research sessions! In addition to conducting mobile queries, which have recently increased over 50%, travelers will move to another device to finalize their booking. A recent survey showed that this applied to 46% of their participants.

Factors That Contribute to Customer Disloyalty

Customer loyalty is how businesses sustain and experience growth. Unless unforeseen events occur, such as inclement weather and flight cancellations, loyal customers aren’t likely to be no-shows. While the average no-show rate will vary among establishments, it is currently ten percent on a daily basis.

When customers have issues with a hotel, however, they aren’t likely to return. CEB’s research shows that if customers have to expend a considerable amount of effort to resolve an issue, 96% are likely to be disloyal to that company. While this may translate into a variety of actions, such as poor reviews and frequent calls to management, the bottom line is that they aren’t likely to return to that establishment.

In 2011, for instance, a large percentage of customers stopped doing business with a company due to having a negative experience. A Harris Interactive/RightNow survey found this applied to 86% of their participants. While the issues that needed to be resolved likely varied, booking and room conditions may have been at the top of the list.

The Benefits of Building Customer Loyalty

While there are unique steps that each business can take to create a positive customer experience, it’s important to note that reaching just five percent more customers can make a significant impact. Recent data suggests that this could lead to an increased profit of 25% to 100% for these new customers.

Other data shows that 74% of travelers will return to a hotel they have previously visited. This demonstrates that these establishments created a positive customer experience. Since 75% of travelers are planning at least one winter getaway this year, there’s an excellent chance that they are returning to an establishment where they were treated with hospitality.

Hotel Management Solutions

When you’re in the hospitality industry, your customers’ experience is of the utmost importance. You want them to have the best possible time so that they return again and again. Furthermore, you also want them to share their experience with close friends, family, colleagues – and yes, on social media. Then there’s the matter of posting photographs and positive reviews on their personal blogs.

There are so many technological advancements being made with software for smart phones, tablets, and computers. Given this, many of your existing and potential customers will be using the latest in technology. Is your property management system hotel software up-to-date? If not, you’re most likely searching for solutions to address property management system hotel software, such as front desk software and other types of hospitality-oriented software.

Hotel property management systems vendors can assist you with upgrading your establishment’s software. When you consult with a representative, they will be able to discuss the latest trends in hospitality software. They will also be able to provide you with expert recommendations as to which property management system hotel software would be the most effective for you.

In addition to property management system hotel software for your overall business operations, you may also want to find out more about adding technology to your hotel rooms, lounge, and other areas where your guests tend to congregate. When your establishment upgrades to the latest in property management hotel software, there’s an excellent chance that you will notice an increase in business and customer loyalty.