A Look At Ethernet Cables And Their Use In The United States


The internet has become more accessible than it ever has before. This is due to a number of factors, such as lower prices, wider spread availability of computers as well as ethernet cables, and the continuously growing popularity of smart phones and other such mobile devices, most of which now connect easily to the internet.

Smart phones have created a tremendous growth in the online world, as they allow easier internet access than truly ever before in history in general – including modern history. The iPhone in particular has risen to popularity and, with more than one hundred and one iPhone users in the United States as of the current date, all but dominated the market. In fact, iPhones have become so prevalent, so ubiquitous with the smart phone, that there are now more than three hundred and ninety five – nearly four hundred in total – iPhones sold every single minute in the United States alone – let alone elsewhere around the world, in many places where smart phones have also seen a huge surge in popularity.

But desktop and laptop computers are still hugely popular, and often require ethernet cables to adequately hook up to high speed internet. Ethernet cables are hugely important for this purpose, and have a number of components to them. There are a variety of commonly used ethernet cables, but by and large the most popularly used is the 10 mbps ethernet cable, which was invented years ago by companies like Xerox and Digital as well as IntelR. These 10 mbps ethernet cables are perfectly fine for the standard household, which typically contains no more than three computers at the most, but some people are still looking for an even faster internet experience and will opt for ethernet cables that are one hundred mbps or even more. These ethernet cables can transport the internet even faster to your home – and many of us are looking for the fastest internet experience that we can possibly get our hands on.

It is likely that you will eventually need to replace your ethernet cable, as the plugs at the end of them can only typically be utilized for around two thousand insertions at the most (though this will certainly last you what is still a considerable amount of time, though this time frame of typical use will, of course, range from family to family and household to household), it is likely that you will look to update your ethernet cable at some point. Updating your ethernet cables say, from a cat5 cable to cat5e cables can improve your overall internet experience, particularly if your internet use has changed or grown since the last time that you purchased ethernet cables. A bulk cat5e cable is also likely to be a useful purchase (one that is well worth it), especially if you have a growing family (as well all know how hard teenagers are to separate from the internet nowadays). A cat6 cable for internet use is even speedier when it comes to how it provides you your internet access, and can be ideal for someone who relies on their internet service provider for much of their work. As remote workers and freelance workers are growing by the day and becoming and ever more popular option for growing careers, this is likely to become even more important in the next few coming years.

Ethernet cables are important, there’s no doubt about it. But there’s more to your typical ethernet cable than many people who are members of the general population realize. Ethernet cables come in a wide range of speeds and prices (often directly in correlation to those aforementioned speeds) and are worth researching before making a final purchasing decision and buying a brand new one.