4 Things to Look for in an Industrial Printer Repair Specialist


When technology inevitably breaks, the resulting downtime can make your bottom line suffer. Industrial printers are no exception, so whether your printer has just malfunctioned and you’re actively looking for a Zebra printer repair specialist, or you just want to have a plan in place in case something breaks in the future, there are a few key qualifications you want to look for in a repair specialist.

1. Years of industry experience
UPC barcodes have been in use since the mid-1970s, which means that the most experienced specialists will have decades of industry experience under their belt. These repair specialists will have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to your device, and will be the most capable of diagnosing the problem and solving the issue quickly. Inexperienced specialists will take longer, which results in additional downtime you can’t afford.

2. Service and sell industrial printers
A repair specialist that not only services industrial printers, but sells them, has an established relationship with the original manufacturer, and can get access to replacement parts much faster and at less cost. A premiere Zebra partner has elite status, and can provide much faster turnaround for Zebra printer repair, and if your printer needs an upgrade or replacement, they can provide one for you. Resellers offer ongoing support and maintenance for your devices when you purchase from them, and may also have spare parts on-hand, and will have a deeper knowledge of the devices themselves.

3. Fast and proven turnaround times to maximize uptime
Nowadays, it’s uncommon for a business to be successful if it has poor reviews. Look for a Zebra printer repair specialist with positive reviews, and a proven track record of fast turnaround. The fastest times come from local service representatives who can visit your facility and diagnose the problem on-site, and make certain repairs without having to leave the facility. You want to find experienced technicians who can quickly pinpoint and repair problems to get your printers back online.

4. Knowledgeable about different brands and products
Make sure that the specialist you choose is familiar with all of the different brands and products you are using, such as Zebra or Honeywell. Knowledgeable specialists can recommend the best replacement if necessary. Zebra printer repair specialists are knowledgeable about a wide variety of products beyond the Zebra brand, and can recommend the best product for your application.

Downtime is never welcome in any business, so when your technology malfunctions, finding a reputable industrial printer repair specialist with the experience and turnaround times you need is critical. Make sure you get your technology up and running to minimize any impact to your bottom line by choosing a repair specialist that can fix issues quickly, effectively, and affordably.